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Record the production of concentrate in Sanabad Comprehensive Industrial, Mineral

Enterprise Group: The CEO of Sanabad Inclusive Development Industrial and Mining Company announced the record of daily concentrate production in this company.

According to Eghtesadnews, Mohammad Hossein Molavizadeh said: “With proper planning, we achieved a new record on September 20, 1998 by producing 10,213 tons of concentrate.” It should be noted that the nominal daily production capacity of this complex is 7,812 tons, which on February 20, 2016, 26% more than this capacity, a record of 9,825 tons was recorded.

This time, with the efforts and empathy of employees and managers, the company succeeded, by increasing productivity, optimal use of equipment, stable supply of raw materials and successful implementation of operational instructions, 31% more than the nominal capacity of the record factory by 10, Recorded 213 tons in concentrate production.

At the end, the CEO thanked all the staff, contractors present on the site for their efforts, as well as the support of the company’s senior managers and board of directors, who always encouraged the employees to achieve the company’s goals.