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Public Tender Announcement No. 203423

Sanabad Inclusive Development Industrial and Mining Company intends to construct the Damptraki Road, “carry out excavation and pavement operations of the Damptraki Road from the 500 dump to the back of the 300 ton weighbridge” Sanabad Inclusive Development Complex located in Sangan Khaf Industrial Zone by holding a public tender according to the conditions Assign to a qualified company contained in the tender documents. Therefore, all capable companies in this field are invited to refer to http://simidco.com/ (business, auction and tender) if they wish to receive tender documents. The deadline for submission of documents to participate in the tender is 11:00 AM on Saturday, 07/19/1399 and must be delivered to the following address within the specified deadline.

No. 55, Pardis Alley, North Shiraz St., Mulla Sadra St., Tehran, Third Floor, Secretariat, Tel: 021-41089000

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