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Congratulatory message from Civil Engineer Far

Congratulatory message from Civil Engineer Far
Managing Director of Simidco Company on the occasion of the promotion of Khuzestan Steel football team to Asian clubs.
Khuzestan has only and throughout history been the cradle of brave men and women who have been pioneers in all fields of endeavor and have made this holy land proud and the great birthplace of men of faith, effort and martyrdom.
This year, the rice of all bottlenecks, once again, the #KhuzestanFootballFootball team, using the managerial ability of the #Khoozestan_Foolad_Management and the efforts of the players, coaches and team staff of this club, succeeded in #the presence of the quota to participate in the Asian Clubs Cup.
In my turn, and on behalf of all the managers and employees of Simidco, this is a valuable achievement that makes people eat blood. Congratulations from the heart of Khuzestan, hardworking, zealous and provincial-oriented, and I hope the success of this popular and rooted team in the country. International competitions are unique to the world.