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Start of pilot production of Sanabad pellets with a capacity of 2.5 million tons

Sanabad Pelletizing Plant (Simidco) with a capacity of 2.5 million tons of pellet production per year, has started its activities in this area after the experimental production stages. The construction of this factory in the deprived and border region of the east of the country, despite international sanctions, has caused the prosperity of the mineral Assaluyeh in eastern Iran. Launching the development plan of Sanabad company has been very effective in preventing the sale of raw minerals as well as direct employment in Khaf city. In this regard, we had a conversation with Mohammad Madani Far, CEO of Sanabad Inclusive Development Company.

In an interview with Madannameh, Madanifar stated: The production of Sanabad pelletizing plant has started on May 13th. The production of this line has been 105 thousand tons since the beginning of June and has reached 130-140 thousand tons since the beginning of production.

The CEO of Sanabad Inclusive Development Company added: “This line has been set up with the aim of producing 2.5 million tons of pellets per year. Therefore, we hope to achieve 2.5 million tons of targeted pellets.

Madanifar considered this factory as a precondition for prosperity in the deprived region of the east of the country and explained: The employment of this factory is 250 to 280 people directly and 1,500 people indirectly.

He continued: “This unit is mechanized and the pellets are transferred directly to the target production units after production, which has been sent many times since the beginning of production.”

At the end of his speech, he stated: Sanabad Company, as one of the influential groups in the sustainable production of pellets in the region, seeks the realization of the vision document of 1404, ie the production of 55 million tons of steel.

It is worth mentioning that most of the shares of Sanabad Inclusive Development Industrial and Mining Company were owned by Khuzestan Steel Company in March 2010.