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Responsible participation of Simidco Company in the faithful plan of Khaf city on the anniversary of the birth of Karim Ahl-e-Bayt

Simidco Company joined the faithful plan by distributing one thousand packages of public goods on the anniversary of the birth of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS) Karim Ahl-e-Bayt.

🖌 According to the public relations of Simidco Company, Engineer Madanifar, CEO of Simidco Company, in a rehearsal organized by the Mawasat project camp in the presence of the city’s respected Friday prayer leader, governor, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, police, welfare, Imam Relief Committee. And the Red Crescent was held in Imam Sadegh Hosseiniyah of Khaf city, said: with the launch of the empathy scan and faithful help, with the coordination of Khaf Imam and the head of the project and in line with the Supreme Leader’s menus, a thousand food and health packages on the occasion With the blessing of Ramadan, it was distributed among the poor and needy strata of Khaf city.

💠At the beginning of this meeting, the honorable Friday Imam of the city, while appreciating the move of Simidco Company, considered such issues as important points of empathy and attention to the needy people.

✅ It should be mentioned that this is the second stage of distribution of public food by Simidco Company and in total, since the beginning of this year, two thousand packages of food worth about six billion Rials have been distributed among the needy in Khaf city.