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Corona pre-diagnosis test at company headquarters

⭕ With the presence of the officials of one of the reference laboratories for the diagnosis of Quid 19 virus in Tehran in the head office of Khuzestan Steel Company in Tehran, corona pre-diagnosis test was performed for the personnel of this company and holding companies of Tehran office by Sanabad Comprehensive Development Industrial and Mining Company.

🔵 According to Simidco’s public relations, with the help of Simidco’s human resources and social affairs management, considering the sensitive conditions of the society against the Bakrona virus, Simidco also tried to perform a pre-diagnosis test for coronavirus in order to be able to contribute. Prevent the spread of this dangerous disease.

💠 It should be mentioned that 71 personnel of all the personnel of Khuzestan Steel Company, Simidco Company, Comprehensive Economic Development Company (Tafco) and Khuzestan Steel Holding Group working in Tehran office cooperated in conducting this test. It should be mentioned that the central building of Khuzestan Steel Company in Tehran has been disinfected many times by Sanabad Inclusive Development Industrial and Mining Company (Simidco) and distributed hygienic items such as masks, gloves, disinfection gel among the staff working in Tehran headquarters Has done.

🔷 Public Relations of Simidco Company (Sanabad Inclusive Industrial and Mining Development)