Health and Safety Executive

Some safety measures taken
Holding trainings at the beginning of employment
Holding 8-hour public safety training with the same inspection of the labor office and obtaining certificates for personnel
Holding short-term on-the-job training for staff
Holding specialized trainings appropriate for the type of work for individuals
Execution of red card instructions for safe repairs (safe repair process of any electrical equipment is such that first the person in charge of repairs issues a request to disconnect the equipment and with the signature of the shift manager and the feeder safety officer related to disconnection equipment and after checking working conditions in If the operating conditions of the repair group are safe, it will start.)
Periodic inspection of all equipment on a monthly basis (including load belts, electrical equipment, shape, jin block, T4, etc.)
Inspection and supply of personal protective equipment approved by the Center for Research and Training in Technical Protection and Occupational Health for personnel
Provide anti-acid clothing and equipment for personnel exposed to acid
Follow up and install electrical room insulation flooring
Provide electrical insulation gloves and shoes for electrical personnel
Preparation of anti-noise mold with filter for filter disc personnel
Add handrail to the end of conveyor 940 leading to stock pile to prevent falling
Follow up to create access path to conveyor 940 due to interference with cable tray
Follow up to complete the plate check on the crane beam of the production hall
Some safety measures taken
Pursue to create an access route between the east and west platforms of the production hall air tank
Fixes defects related to filter disc gratings
Follow to create a platform around disks 8 and 9
Follow up to fix the defects and complete the gratings on the trench of the hall and the pump station
Follow up to install grating and mesh related to the upper level of tanks in area 130
Pursue the installation of plate checkers in the empty space around the concrete structure of Ball Mill 1
Follow to install the handrail around the entrance of the cable tray on the wing shaft to prevent it from falling
Installation of handrail under hydrocyclone 2 due to high height to prevent falling
Install the handrail on sumps 2 and 3 to prevent falling
the environment
Creating green space (designing green space and creating space inside the complex is also underway).
Waste Management.
Asphalt, mulching and spraying of internal roads of the site and mine access.
Use of advanced wastewater treatment system in the complex.
Action to build a filtration plant to prevent waste of resources.
Construction of concentrate storage to prevent the spread of pollution.
Construction of iron ore and concentrate transmission lines to prevent the movement of machinery and the spread of pollution.
Construction of a railway line in order to prevent energy loss and the spread of pollution caused by transport machinery.
Participation with the General Department of Environmental Protection of Khorasan Razavi Province in holding the National Environmentalist Day.
Supporting the cultural and sports programs of the city with the slogan of protecting the environment in Khaf.
Participation in holding the World Clean Earth Day with the governorate and departments of education, environmental protection and the municipality of Khaf city.
Participation in creating the green belt of Sangan city and planting 2000 pine seedlings in the 114-hectare park of Sangan city
Supply of fodder, millet and wheat for the wildlife of the region and their distribution with the cooperation of the respected personnel of environmental protection of Khaf city.
Use of 5 advanced dust collectors and back filters in the pelletizing plant.
Concluding a contract with the Vice Chancellor for Research of Kharazmi University in order to conduct environmental management studies of the complex (after announcing the results and presenting the mentioned studies, environmental executive plans will be stated).
Obligation to perform examinations at the beginning of employment
Follow up on periodic examinations
Obtaining a health card for juicy people
Holding a food hygiene course
Install the first aid kit in the required parts
Follow-up to provide medical items needed for health
Daily visits to juicy houses
Periodically visit the home cook and fix health problems
Preparation of 70% perchlorine for chlorination of drinking water tanks
PO reservoir chlorination to prevent contamination
Daily chlorination of outlet taps
Periodic spraying of dormitories and crusher structures
Perform periodic microbial testing of drinking water
Follow up to install and increase the height of the duct related to the laboratory hood to prevent air pollution inside the laboratory