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On the occasion of Fire and Safety Day, the efforts of firefighters and HSE of Simidco Complex were appreciated.

On the occasion of Fire and Safety Day, the efforts of firefighters and HSE of Simidko Complex were appreciated.

According to the public relations of Simidco, in a ceremony, the efforts of the hard-working firefighters and safety personnel of Simidco production complex were appreciated.

At the beginning of the ceremony, which was held at the Health and Safety Headquarters of Simidco Production Complex, Engineer Madanifar, while appreciating the efforts of the personnel of the said unit, said that the continuation of production and increase of production capacity of the complex is due to a safe working environment. And integrated health has caused.

The CEO of Simidco Company emphasized: We appreciate the efforts of the staff of John Berkoff, Safety and Health Unit, because we have witnessed your selflessness and self-sacrifice at different times.

Then the head of the fire station as well as the health doctor presented a report on the condition of the complex.

Then, the efforts of the staff of the mentioned unit were appreciated by awarding a plaque of appreciation.

In the end, Engineer Madanifar, while visiting different sections of the safety and health unit, emphasized on increasing the logistical capacity of the safety unit and assessed the company’s drug stock status as favorable.

In the official calendar of the country, the 7th day is marked by the death of firefighters during the attack
The Ba’athist regime coincided with the Abadan refinery and was named Fire and Safety Day.