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June 1, Happy Mining Day

Today, the special and strategic position of mines and mineral industries in the growth and prosperity of the country’s economy is not hidden from anyone.
Iran, with its rich mines with suitable reserves, is one of the important countries in identifying and exploiting mines.
Iran’s #AslaviImineral iron ore mines in the border strip of the Islamic Republic of Iran with Afghanistan are among the richest and richest iron ore mines in the world. Fortunately, with the establishment of processing units in the region and the production of #concentrate and # pellets in this region from an important point of the country, in addition to creating #sustainable employment for the youth of the region and the country, plays an important role in preventing raw material sales. Has been, has been ‌.
As a member of the large mine family, #Mine Day was extended to all sympathizers of the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially to Mr. #Dr. I am launching a production line of two and a half million tons of # pellets of this company, we will create sustainable production in the country’s steel and iron industry.
“Mohammad Madanifar”
CEO of Simidco