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The High Representative of the Government visited the pellet production line of Martyr General Haj Qasem Soleimani of Simidco Company

The high representative of the government in Khaf city visited the pellet production line of Simidco company.
According to the public relations of Sanabad Comprehensive Development Industrial and Mining Company (Simidco), Engineer Sanjarani, along with the heads of the Departments of Silence and Environment, visited the production line and was informed about the launch of this line.
In this visit, which was attended by the CEO of Simidco Company and the senior managers of this company and the managers of consulting companies, contractors and operators, Engineer Madanifar, while stating that the launch of this line in the days of cruel sanctions, with the efforts of specialized and hardworking youth The company announced its readiness for the official opening.
Engineer Madanifar also mentioned the launch of the filtration project, which is one of the most important and unique projects of the company and plays a key role in water extraction and environmental protection, and also announced the official opening of this project in the first half of this year.
While congratulating this important success, Mr. Sanjarani thanked the company for its efforts and emphasized that by launching this line, it has taken an important step in preventing the sale of raw minerals as well as the direct employment of Khaf city.
He said that since the establishment of the new CEO and management team of Simidco, fortunately the progress of projects is favorable and protests have been minimized, which is a sign of the company’s attention to human resource issues and problems along with production and increase production, especially in The year is a leap in production.
It should be mentioned that the pellet production cycle in Simidco company was fully mechanized and after production, the pellets are loaded into the warehouse and sent directly to the target production factories via rail line.