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Congratulatory message from Mohammad Madanifar, CEO of Simidco Industrial and Mining Company, on the occasion of International Workers’ Day

💠 Labor and labor as a driving force ‌ and a powerful arm of the economic and industrial cycle play a key and vital role in any country.

🔵 Celebrating the International Day of Labor and Workers is the protection and appreciation of the honest and valuable services of honorable, honest workers and servants who, with the emergence and emergence of their talents as actors in the field of work and service, have determined the honor and pride of the country.

🔴While congratulating this auspicious day to the workers in the field of work, effort and production in Simidco Industrial and Mining Company in the year of production leap, year 3 is the year of success, achieving and exploiting the efforts of dear workers and Simidco collection in important and effective units. I know the mineral.

Mohammad madanifar

Managing Director of Simidco Industrial and Mining Company