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Nowruz congratulatory message to Engineer Mohammad Madanifar

Nowruz congratulatory message to Engineer Mohammad Madanifar, CEO of Sanabad Inclusive Development Industrial and Mining Company (Simidco)

In the name of the Creator of spring

The year 1998 ended with all its pros and cons and the year 99 began
In 1998 and from the beginning of the year, we joined hands to develop “# economic prosperity” by developing industrial, mining and economic activities. We have severely boycotted the # pellet production line on the production circuit and now in 1399, we have targeted the #production_jump.
After more than #fourteen years of the blessed life of the #Sacred System of the Islamic Republic, now is the time for better things to happen in the Iranian economy.
We are going to take an important step in the production of steel products and eliminate the sale of raw minerals in 1399 with the efforts of my hard-working colleagues in #Industrial Development and Mining Development Company.

I wish the year 99 to be full of health, happiness and success for all dear Iranians in this geographical area.