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Record another record in the production of concentrate of Sanabad Inclusive Development Industrial and Mining Complex

The hard-working employees of Sanabad Inclusive Development Industrial and Mining Company in October of this year were able to add another golden leaf to the honors of the company by producing 246818 tons of iron ore concentrate.
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Molavizadeh, CEO of Sanabad Company, while confirming this news, mentioned the increase of productivity and optimal use of equipment as the two factors that had the greatest impact on achieving this record, and added: “Definitely in the year called” Production boom has been named, records set since the beginning of this year, will pave the way for the unit to achieve its annual goals.
While appreciating the good performance of the company’s employees, Molavizadeh added: “The company’s concentrate production plant with an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tons has been designed based on a nominal production of 208,333 tons per month, and this month’s record is 18.5% higher than the nominal monthly capacity.” He also announced the previous record of monthly production for August of this year and amounted to 222,260 tons of concentrate.
He further pointed to other influential factors in recording this record and added: good cooperation of Sangan complex in supplying the feed required by the factory, the readiness of the company’s equipment, proper production and maintenance planning and repairs, timely supply of spare parts, native The production of consumer goods, the use of specialized and experienced local personnel, have been other reasons for achieving this record.
Emphasizing the need to stabilize these conditions and the need to achieve higher records, he added: “Certainly, with the help and empathy of all relevant units, we can reach ideal conditions.”
CEO of Sanabad Inclusive Development Industrial and Mining Company, in the end, the efforts of all employees of the company and the cooperation of support units and contractors in the factory, as well as the support of shareholders, especially Khuzestan Steel Company as a major shareholder, which always encourages employees in achieving company goals. They were, thanked and appreciated.